3rd Annual Black and White Gala Tickets on Sale NOW!!!

The Center and John Michaels events

The 3rd Annual Black and White Gala

Orlando Museum of Art

October 4th 2014 BW Gala 12x18 Aperitifs 6pm – 7pm,

VIP Dinner 7pm – 8:30pm,

Main Event 8:30pm – 11pm

Live Auction, Silent Auction and Private viewing of OMA, Entertainment throughout the evening.

Join a night of entertainment and high spirits celebrating the 3rd Annual Black and White Gala presented by John Michael Events. Set in the beautiful surroundings of Orlando Museum of Art. Support the longest continuously operating GLBT Center in Florida, and help to continue our mission through good times with friends old and new.

VIP Dinner Description: Enjoy a wonderful 5-course meal provided by John Michael Events each with a specifically paired wine. Featuring a vibrant live auction for those one of a kind trips, events and collectibles.

General Admission Description: Come and enjoy a private viewing of The Orlando Museum of Art after dark, featuring live entertainment, silent auction and a delectable array of canapés and desserts provided by John Michael Events.

Buy your tickets now only at www.thecenterorlando.org/BW

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More accessibility for Domestic Partner Registration

Orange County Clerk of Courts Eddie Fernández held a press conference on Monday September 8, 2014 announcing that Domestic Partner Registration can take place at any branch of the Clerk’s offices.

“I’m happy that my office can offer this additional customer service not only at the courthouse, but at our four other locations, in Apopka, Ocoee, Winter Park and on Goldenrod Road,” Fernández said.

This allows couples to have wider access to the registry and can have it completed in a one stop shop. The press conference was attended by Mayor Teresa Jacobs, Orange COunty Comptroller Martha Haynie, local LGBT Organizations and other advocates. 


www.thecenterorlando.org/2014/09/08/accessibility-domestic-partner-registration/' displayText='facebook'>www.thecenterorlando.org/2014/09/08/accessibility-domestic-partner-registration/' displayText='twitter'>www.thecenterorlando.org/2014/09/08/accessibility-domestic-partner-registration/' displayText='email'>www.thecenterorlando.org/2014/09/08/accessibility-domestic-partner-registration/' displayText='sharethis'>

Orange County Mayor Teresa Jacobs Supports Marriage Equality



Orange County Mayor Teresa Jacobs sat down with Watermark Publisher Tom Dyer and had a very informative interview.

Mayor Jacobs’stance on Marriage Equality has evolved and she now has stated she supports it. Through education and open discussion with many local LGBT organizations Mayor Jacobs now believes that “ gay couples should have the same rights and benefits as any other couple”

Read the full article here


www.thecenterorlando.org/2014/08/28/orange-county-mayor-teresa-jacobs-supports-marriage-equality/' displayText='facebook'>www.thecenterorlando.org/2014/08/28/orange-county-mayor-teresa-jacobs-supports-marriage-equality/' displayText='twitter'>www.thecenterorlando.org/2014/08/28/orange-county-mayor-teresa-jacobs-supports-marriage-equality/' displayText='email'>www.thecenterorlando.org/2014/08/28/orange-county-mayor-teresa-jacobs-supports-marriage-equality/' displayText='sharethis'>

The Return of Free Legal Advice at The Center

Do you have legal questions? Come in and get free legal advice from John Crone, Esp. of CPC Law.

John is a consumer law attorney, so he has experience answering questions about debt collection, credit reporting, foreclosure defense and debt collection harassment. Additionally, he has  experience with the probate process and estate planning (wills, trusts, etc). Beyond these subjects he is a licensed attorney, so he knows enough to advise people in general legal matters.

If you would like to make an appointment (15 minute time blocks) Please call the Center at 407-228-8272

www.thecenterorlando.org/2014/08/27/return-free-legal-advice-center/' displayText='facebook'>www.thecenterorlando.org/2014/08/27/return-free-legal-advice-center/' displayText='twitter'>www.thecenterorlando.org/2014/08/27/return-free-legal-advice-center/' displayText='email'>www.thecenterorlando.org/2014/08/27/return-free-legal-advice-center/' displayText='sharethis'>

BREAKING: Miami-Dade County Judge Finds Marriage Equality Ban Unconstitutional in Florida

10516804_10153215216987137_4086900624081150617_nMiami-Dade court case ALSO comes out striking down the ban on marriage equality in Florida! That’s 2 for 2. Immediate stay on the ruling though as we go to District 3 court for a statewide fight!

While The Center is going through many changes; the one thing that remains a constant is our passion for Equality. We all work hard to bring the best possible services to the community, and at The Center we are a cog in the greater machine. We are rebuilding many bridges and committing ourselves to build the best community for Orlando, it is not always easy but never has our fight been easy. We take the challenges thrown at us and we come out fighting.

The state, nation and the world is ready for change and we are right there working with our partners here to make it happen. The USA is seen as a world leader in many areas but marriage Equality has been lacking!  However, we know that with our determination and hard work we can and are making this change. We do not have a choice; we live it every day and work hard to make ourselves heard. This is not just about a court case it is about advancing equality and society for the future!  A future where everyone can feel and BE equal!  Let us all celebrate and keep working for change!


www.thecenterorlando.org/2014/07/25/breaking-miami-dade-county-judge-finds-marriage-equality-ban-unconstitutional-florida/' displayText='facebook'>www.thecenterorlando.org/2014/07/25/breaking-miami-dade-county-judge-finds-marriage-equality-ban-unconstitutional-florida/' displayText='twitter'>www.thecenterorlando.org/2014/07/25/breaking-miami-dade-county-judge-finds-marriage-equality-ban-unconstitutional-florida/' displayText='email'>www.thecenterorlando.org/2014/07/25/breaking-miami-dade-county-judge-finds-marriage-equality-ban-unconstitutional-florida/' displayText='sharethis'>