Legal Advocacy

The Center’s Role

The Center has created a dual action program to assist the LGBT Community in sorting through the complicated arenas of justice and advocacy.  We are constantly receiving phone calls and emails asking for recommendation for attorneys dealing with a variety of specialties.  To assist the community, a group of LGBT and ally attorneys are participating in a program that provides information concerning LGBT friendly lawyers who practice in Central Florida.  This group, called LeRegal  (Legal Resources for Gays and Lesbians)are listed by their specialty, along with contact and web page information.

During the past several years, The Center has assumed a leadership role in the advocacy for Equality for the LGBT Community.  We were a major force in bringing about the inclusion of Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity in Orange County’s Human Rights Ordinance, providing a method to address anti-gay  biasness and bigotry in areas of employment, accessibility, and  housing.  The Center also participated in  working  with Orange County to grant Domestic Partner Benefits to same-sex county couples, along with the creation a Domestic Partner Registry by the City of Orlando.   Please click here to learn more about these Important ordinances.

The Center have actively and proudly partnered with the American Civil Liberties Union,  Equality Florida,  Metropolitan Business Association,  Human Rights Campaign, Orlando Anti-Discrimination Ordinance Committee, and P-Flag, among others, in achieving these successful advancements in equality rights.   We will continue to a leading role of advocacy to fight discrimination against the LGBT Community.

Local Organizations

National Organizations