The Kissimmee LGBT Center

From the Executive Director

Dear Friend of The Center Orlando:

I am so excited to share with you the goal to expand services of The Center Orlando into Osceola County.

In the first quarter of 2018, nearly 30% of people who utilized our free HIV and Hepatitis C screenings call Osceola County their home. It is obvious that services are needed in and around Kissimmee. I know that The Center will be the perfect addition to the landscape of Osceola County and we have four decades of history serving Central Florida.

I woke up to the following e-mail on Easter morning. “I am pleased to inform you that Our Fund has approved a grant recommendation suggested by the Contigo Fund Grant Committee in the total amount of $26,148 to LGBT+ Center Orlando, Inc. to support The Center Kissimmee and we encourage you to use this as a challenge grant to reach out to other potential donors. The Grant Committee made the decision to make our award a last in grant which will be issued immediately once your organization is able to verify that the remaining necessary support to launch The Center Kissimmee has been acquired.”

I never back down from a challenge! But we need your help. It is estimated that to open and operate a 5-day a week, full-time Center, we need to raise an additional $50,000. I want to ensure we have one-year of general operating funds available, so we can have a sustainable future for Kissimmee operations.

I encourage you to click on the "GIVE NOW" link below and donate. I encourage you to share this campaign and challenge your friends to match your donation. No amount is too small. The Center Orlando began 40 years ago as a grassroots organization, and so too will Kissimmee.

George Wallace, Executive Director
Olimometer 2.52
Raised to date: $27,573
Total to raise: $75,000
Left to raise: $47,427

For further information contact:
Terry DeCarlo
Director of Communications


April 6, 2018 Orlando, Florida - The Board of Directors of LGBT+ Center Orlando, Inc. (The Center Orlando), today announced that through a generous grant from the Contigo Fund, an initiative of Our Fund Foundation, The Center Orlando will be expanding operations and opening an office in Kissimmee, Florida.

"Contigo Fund, which emerged from the Pulse massacre, recognizes the road to recovery continues and will for years to come,” says Contigo Fund Program Director Marco Antonio Quiroga. “We commend The Center Orlando for their remarkable leadership in the immediate recovery. An expansion of LGBTQ services and community spaces in Osceola County to support the predominantly Puerto Rican underserved community which half of the Pulse victims called home we see as critical to our mission. For all those directly and deeply affected by the Pulse massacre, it’s still very real. The trauma is still there. The disparities these LGBTQ communities of color face are deep and historic. The journey to healing and empowerment is a very long one. It’s not over. This is why The Center Kissimmee is so important.”

“The current grant of $26,148 brings us one step further in opening The Center Kissimmee,” said The Center’s Executive Director, George Wallace. “It is our goal to raise an additional $40,000 over the next few months so we may open a fully operational Center serving the greater Osceola area, in particular, the LatinX community.” The new location, yet to be announced, will house free HIV and Hepatitis C testing, local support groups, a cyber center and counseling services.

"We are very excited to expand operations with an LGBT Center in Kissimmee and look forward to serving Osceola County as a safe place that will mirror the Center Orlando by offering educational opportunities, support and clinical services", said Board President Jeff Buak.

The Center Kissimmee is expected to open by August 1, 2018. For more information on the LGBT+ Center Orlando, Inc. or to make a donation, please visit