Back to School: Help Homeless Children With Supplies in Central Florida!

Center Orlando Homeless Youth Backpack Donation Central Florida Back to SchoolDONATE NEW OR USED BACKPACKS, DUFFEL BAGS, DRAWSTRING BAGS (any color, character, or logo)

The Center Orlando is proud to partner with local corporations and organizations to serve as a Back to School Donation Center for backpacks, duffel bags, and drawstring bags for disadvantaged and homeless youth heading back to school this fall.

We have a donation box setup in our front lobby area.  Please feel free to stop by to drop off new or used backpacks for donation! Please share with your friends and family too! Let’s help these kids be prepared for the upcoming school year!

Our address is 946 North Mills Ave Orlando, Florida 32803. Donations are accepted all hours we are open: Mon-Sat: 9am – 9pm Sun: 9am – 6pm' displayText='facebook'>' displayText='twitter'>' displayText='email'>' displayText='sharethis'>

Help Gina, A Member of Our Community, Who Lost Her Leg And Has A Newborn

Donate Now:

Artist, Philanthropist, Activist and New Mother. She also has RSD (Type 2 CRPS), a rare disease that is literally burning her alive and now faces the amputation of her leg on May 9, 2013.

Gina Orlando Central Florida Amputee Newborn Baby Assistance Donate Care Help Fundraiser Meet Gina

In her 30+ years of life, Gina has considered herself blessed. She is a dedicated friend, known for her kindness and selfless acts of charity toward strangers. She is an activist and leader with several nonprofit organizations. Prior to her diagnosis, she was also a very successful artist. Right now her greatest role is that of a new mother, having just given birth to her beautiful baby girl in January 2013.

Here’s the deal: after being involved in a terrible accident in 2002, Gina suffered major injuries and soon after was diagnosed with the most severe form of Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD), stage four in both legs. This condition is also known as Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS-Type 2) but let’s just call it RSD. That’s easier to say, isn’t it? Each year Gina has undergone dozens of surgeries and treatments all over the country.

For the past 10 years, Gina has bravely lived with a debilitating condition. All this time, she has managed to maintain an incredibly positive outlook, sense of humor and continued to dedicate her life to helping others — all the while privately facing tremendous adversity of her own. Now she needs you to sponsor her.

But here’s the sad truth. Over time RSD has caused irrevocable damage in her right leg. She’s undergone 20+ surgeries just on her foot and has 19 pieces of hardware fusing every joint just to keep her foot attached to her leg.

After undergoing 7 months of surgeries and treatment at The Cleveland Clinic in Ohio in 2011, her RSD was well managed. Unfortunately it recently exacerbated and now Gina now will need to have her right foot and lower leg amputated (May 9, 2013) while caring for her 10 week old baby.
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Wanzie’s Big Fat Variety Show

Wanzie Presents Orlando Variety Show

Wanzie Presents and the Parliament House are teaming up to produce WANZIE’S BIG FAT VARIETY SHOW to benefit The Center.

An all-volunteer cast will present the one-night-only event on Saturday evening, February 23 at the Footlight Theatre.

Wanzie says “I ‘ve gone out of my way to put together a non-drag show line up of great acts not typically seen on stage at the Parliament House.”  He further stated, “I’m so pleased by the straight men who did not hesitate for one moment before saying “yes” when approached about donating their time and talent to help raise funds for this great Gay and Lesbian resource; The Center offers a Cyber Center for our youth, meeting space for many independent social as well as critical support groups, a library, referral services, counseling, and 7-days-a-week free walk-in rapid HIV testing.” [Read more...]' displayText='facebook'>' displayText='twitter'>' displayText='email'>' displayText='sharethis'>

The David Bohnett Foundation Upgrades The Center’s Cyber Center


The David Bohnett Foundation has graciously donated 6 new Lenovo All-In-One computers to the Center Orlando to upgrade our Cyber Center!  These new machines are phenomenal and are available immediately for all Center members to utilize for your computing needs. [Read more...]' displayText='facebook'>' displayText='twitter'>' displayText='email'>' displayText='sharethis'>

Chase Employees: Chase Now Supports Pledges to The Center Orlando!




Employees can log on to to pledge.

This is available once a year.

Once on the site (after logging in using employee identify info), you can type “lesbian and gay” into the search engine and specify Florida and the center will populate (roughly 3rd or 4th one down).

You may also call 1-888-291-0655 for questions about how to donate.

Again, this years campaign ends 12/07/2012. It is usually done every year about the same time.

Let us know if you have any more questions.' displayText='facebook'>' displayText='twitter'>' displayText='email'>' displayText='sharethis'>