BREAKING: Miami-Dade County Judge Finds Marriage Equality Ban Unconstitutional in Florida

10516804_10153215216987137_4086900624081150617_nMiami-Dade court case ALSO comes out striking down the ban on marriage equality in Florida! That’s 2 for 2. Immediate stay on the ruling though as we go to District 3 court for a statewide fight!

While The Center is going through many changes; the one thing that remains a constant is our passion for Equality. We all work hard to bring the best possible services to the community, and at The Center we are a cog in the greater machine. We are rebuilding many bridges and committing ourselves to build the best community for Orlando, it is not always easy but never has our fight been easy. We take the challenges thrown at us and we come out fighting.

The state, nation and the world is ready for change and we are right there working with our partners here to make it happen. The USA is seen as a world leader in many areas but marriage Equality has been lacking!  However, we know that with our determination and hard work we can and are making this change. We do not have a choice; we live it every day and work hard to make ourselves heard. This is not just about a court case it is about advancing equality and society for the future!  A future where everyone can feel and BE equal!  Let us all celebrate and keep working for change!' displayText='facebook'>' displayText='twitter'>' displayText='email'>' displayText='sharethis'>

Orange County Mayor Teresa Jacobs makes Equality statement.

The Center is built around our mission to educate, and advocate to those around us about our community. With that mission in mind, we are happy that Orange County Mayor, Teresa Jacobs, has announced today a statement that shows her position on Marriage Equality in the state of Florida is evolving.  Major non-profit LGBT organizations are working together to educate on equality as a whole. 
jacobsOur country was founded on certain core values, chief among them equality and religious freedom. Therefore, I am glad the question of Florida’s ban on same-sex marriage is before the courts to determine if it denies same-sex couples equal rights and protections under the law. Although, as mayor, I have no jurisdiction on this issue, I have read the Miami-Dade lawsuit and believe that a very strong case was made.Regardless of the decision of the court, I hope that religious institutions will continue to have the freedom to define marriage according to their own doctrines. Protecting the right to practice one’s religion without interference from government is an equally important cornerstone of our free nation.' displayText='facebook'>' displayText='twitter'>' displayText='email'>' displayText='sharethis'>

Debi Jackson Gives Moving Speech Regarding Her Transgender Daughter


Spend six minutes and get to know Jackson and her family a little better. You’ll be happy you did.' displayText='facebook'>' displayText='twitter'>' displayText='email'>' displayText='sharethis'>

The GLBT Community Center Announces The Hiring of Assistant Executive Director Russell Walker

RussellThe Board of Directors of The Center is pleased to announce the hiring of Russell Walker as the Center’s Assistant Executive Director. In addition to his role as Assistant ED, Russell will be acting as Interim ED, until an Executive Director is hired.

Russell comes to the position with a great passion for The Center having served on the Board of Directors for over 2 years. While on the Board, Russell served as Vice President as well as the Chair of the Events Committee.

Russell was born and raised just outside Glasgow, Scotland and is a graduate of The University of Stirling (BA in Politics) and a postgraduate of The University of Strathclyde (Post-Grad in Secondary Education).  After graduation, Russell taught in numerous high schools throughout central Scotland. After moving to Orlando, he worked in entertainment and event coordination for Gay Days, before settling in to a finance position for a property management company.

Russell is a very active member of the GLBT Community in Orlando, and has built strong ties and personal relationships with other members of the community, including the MBA, Hope and Help and Zebra Coalition. This desire and passion to help in the community is one of Russell’s strongest attributes and he is committed to creating new relationships with The Center.

We look forward to seeing the changes that this new leadership brings to not only The Center, but the community at large.' displayText='facebook'>' displayText='twitter'>' displayText='email'>' displayText='sharethis'>

The Center is Seeking Applications for the role of Executive Director

GLBT Community Center of Central FloridaCenter Logo
Orlando, Florida
Last Updated: 7/9/2014

Job Contact
Timothy Vargas, Board President
Phone: 407-754-6211

Agency Information

946 N Mills Ave
Orlando, FL 32803


The Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender Community Center of Central Florida (“The Center”) is in its 36th year serving the GLBT community of Central Florida and we are seeking an Executive Director to help lead the organization into the future. Our mission is to promote and empower the GLBT community and its allies through information, education, advocacy, and support. Our organization is the oldest and longest continuously operating GLBT organization in the State of Florida. The Center is the largest free HIV testing facility in the Central Florida region, administering over 5,000 free HIV tests in 2013. In addition to HIV testing, The Center offers free or discounted counseling services, support groups for many interests and needs, an art gallery that promotes GLBT and allied local artists, and senior services. In 2014, The Center will launch a  program to extend our senior services and a GED program for those that wish to further their education.
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