The Center Commends ACLU and Associates for Challenging Florida’s Refusal to Recognize Marriage Equality

The Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Community Center of Central Florida (The Center) recognizes the outstanding efforts of the ACLU, the ACLU of Florida and the Podhurst Orseck law firm for challenging the State of Florida’s refusal to recognize the legal marriages of eight same-sex couples which occurred in marriage equality states around the country .  The plaintiffs in this lawsuit come from every corner of the state and represent the various demographics of the citizens of the state.  Named as defendants are the Governor, the Attorney General, the Surgeon General and Health Secretary along with the Secretary of the state Department of Management Services. [Read more...]

The Center Announces the Completion and Display of Its Annual Audit

The Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Community Center of Central Florida (The Center) is proud to announce the completion of an independent audit for the years ending September 30th, 2013 and 2012.  The audit, performed by Carter& Company, a CPA firm out of Destin Florida, recently submitted their Independent Auditors’ Report to The Center and we have included the report on our web site so the community can see where the contributions to the Center have been spent.

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Come Celebrate With the Center!

Wanzie’s Big Fat Variety Show
March 29th, 2014 starting at 7:00PM at Parliament House
Wanzie emcees a Sensational VARIETY show – not just a Cabaret or concert. VIP food options. Raffle. Live Auction. FUN and FANTASTIC ENTERTAINMENT to include Orlandos’ Ukulele Sensation Scott Whittemore, The Magic of Tim & Spencer, Josh “Ginger Minj” Eads Brown as Mrs. Lovett from Seeeny Todd, Arial Artist Robbie Drennen, Exciting Dance Exhibition, John B. deHaas on keyboard, Singers Julie Ohrberg, Nick Kroger, Beki Herrbach, Shwan Walsh and David Dorman. Fantastic event to benefit THE CENTER. Tickets start at only $15. VIP options have great perks. This event sold out last year. Tickets Now On Sale:

 Customer Bartender Night
April 14th, 2014 starting at 7:00PM at Savoy
The time has come once again for the Center’s Customer Bartender Night at Savoy!  This event is one of our favorites where we put YOU behind the bar to serve the community for an hour shift to see who can raise the most money for the Center.  This event for the past two years has raised over $3,000, and brought us to tears of laughter from the antics of the evening.  It’s a MUST COME event to raise your glasses in cheer and charity!  

The Center’s 2nd Annual Harvey Milk Diversity Breakfast
May 12th, 2014 starting at 7:30AM at the Downtown DoubleTree
The Center hosts our 2nd Annual Harvey Milk Diversity Breakfast.  This annual event brings together our local, state, and national politicians for a morning to remember Harvey Milk, his dedication to equality, and his lasting legacy on our LGBT community with our allies.  This event was sold out last year, so please save the date and we will have more information soon for ticket purchases. 

The Center’s 3rd Annual Black and White Gala
October 4th, 2014 at the Orlando Museum of Art
The Center hosts our 3rd Annual Black and White Gala.  We will be having a VIP sit-down dinner, followed by an evening of dancing and delights.  Please save the date, and more information will be coming soon.

Anderson Cooper Debates Arizona Senator Al Melvin Over ‘Anti-Gay’ Law

Cooper asked, “Can you give me a specific example of someone in Arizona who’s been forced to do something against their religious belief or successfully sued because of their faith?”

Melvin said he could not, arguing the bill is “preemptive.” Cooper asked him if, hypothetically, a Catholic loan officer could refuse to give a loan to a divorced woman. Melvin told Cooper he was being “far-fetched,” insisting, “I don’t know of anybody in Arizona who would discriminate against a fellow human being.”

When Cooper pointed out that Arizona businesses (including the state Chamber of Commerce) oppose the bill, Melvin said it’s “because there has become a media frenzy on this.” Cooper incredulously asked, “You’re seriously blaming the media on this?! Oh, come on.”

New Group: Jewish LGBTQ of Orlando

Center LogoJewish LGBTQ Community in Orlando, Florida is a space where Jewish Lesbian, Jewish Gay, Jewish Bisexual, Jewish Transgender, and Jewish Questioning can communicate to create a Jewish LGBTQ Community in Orlando, Florida.

I moved here originally in December 2010, and found that I had no one to celebrate the High Holy Days (Yom Kippur and Rosh Hashanah) as well as Passover and Chanukah. Noticing that all the Temples/Synagogues and Jewish Organizations are on the outer border of Orlando, and not internally, questions raised in my mind… Where are all the Jews? Where are all the LGBTQ Jews? How do most LGBTQ Jewish people find each other? A majority of the LGBTQ activity in Orlando occurs mostly and closer to the downtown area, thus I felt that Jewish LGBTQ people were invisible, and cannot find each other. I’ve been told that we are here, and am delighted when I do meet a fellow LGBTQ Jew, yet the occurrence is rare, so I set out to find our community.

We have been raised with a strong sense of Jewish identity and pride. Sharing our Jewish culture with each other will allow us to make stronger ties with our home, Orlando, and solidify the feeling of “We belong”, settle down, and make ties to the land.

This group will allow us to connect and share our commonalities, heritage, traditions, hopes, thoughts, concerns, wishes, celebrations, and worship.

So, please join the group, and be a part of forming the Jewish LGBTQ Community. You can find others to kibitz and shoomz with; go to Temple with; have Seders and Chanukah parties with. If interested, we could even form a LGBTQ Synagogue. We could create a visibility to other LGBTQ Jews that need and desire this feeling of “community”, current and new residents, also transients. WHO KNOWS……the concepts are limitless, once we join together.

Any member can approve the membership of anyone asking to join.  For more information please contact us at:

Zei Gazunt….. it will be what it becomes.

-Jeffrey Stuart Korn, aka Yitzchak Simchah ben Godol