Our Values

We are a professional organization that takes pride in all that we do, defends our principles, and is constantly striving to be a prominent feature in our community.

I.          Professionalism

Professionalism is a characteristic indicative of expertise in whatever field a person chooses to work in.  Professionals constantly strive to be the best in everything that they do and refuse to settle for anything less.  The Center and its staff endeavor to be perceived as consummate professionals by the general public.  It is where the apexes of hard work, dedication, and a strong ethical center meet.  The confluence of our integrity, honesty, consistency, and values create the foundation for a professional organization, and it is the organizations people that bring professionalism to life.  As professionals we will always promise to do our very best with all that we have in the hopes that our perception of ourselves will result in the reality where our community will view us as nothing less than consummate professionals.

II.        Pride

The pride we take in ourselves derives from the incredible work that we at the Center undertake in order to provide a safe place for gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered individuals in our community.  Pride is directly correlated to being proud of who we are and what we do.  At the Center we have the opportunity to work with and serve an incredibly diverse community in the central Florida area every day, but that opportunity alone does not constitute our only source of pride.  We are also extremely fortunate to have an extraordinarily dedicated and skilled group of volunteers and employees who work tirelessly to assure that we fulfill our promise to serve the community we are so honored to be a part of.

III.       Principled

To be principled simply means that one stands firmly by his or her beliefs or ideals.  The principles we stand by at the Center are benevolence, justice, freedom, and fairness.  The Center strives to integrate each of these principles into every action we partake in.

IV.       Prominence

The Center engages in what it does with the hopes of becoming a prominent feature of the central Florida community.  We believe that our professionalism and pride, when coupled with our superb principled positions, will result in our attainment of prominence in the community that we serve.