Recent Sexual Battery Attack and Possible Hate Crime in Orlando

CrimeTapeSmallOp-ed from the Executive Director – Randy Stephens

As a major holiday weekend approaches, The Center wants to remind you to be careful and be conscious of your surroundings.  Shortly after midnight on Sunday morning, a young lady was walking toward her home in the Primrose / Anderson Street area when she was accosted by 3 white males in a silver car.  They began making sexually explicit comments and called her names such as “lesbian” and “dyke”.  At such time the vehicle stopped and the men exited the car and pushed her to the ground where they proceeded to inflict sexual battery on her.   During the attack, one of the men said “I’ll show you how a real man feels.”   After the attack, the men jumped back into a silver colored vehicle and drove away.  The victim called the police as soon as she reached her home. A complete investigation is ongoing on the charge of sexual battery and hopefully they will designate this as a hate crime.

 The purpose of this article is not to strike fear in the community but to make the community aware that there are still bad people out there who want to hurt us.  With the recent successes we have had in the fight for equality, it is human nature to let down our guard.  We must always be observant of our surroundings and always try to travel in groups.  Orlando is still a safe city. We are hopeful that these culprits will be caught in short order and brought to justice. Until then increased vigilance among all members of the LGBT community is advised.  The Center wants everyone to have a fabulous holiday weekend – you are important to us.

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