A Call To Action: Protect Teachers and Support Staff of Orange County Public Schools


The Orange County Public School Board (OCPS) is preparing to vote as to whether to include sexual orientation and gender identity or expression to their nondiscrimination policy.  This vote is scheduled for Tuesday, December 11th at 5:30 PM at the Orange County School Board building located at 445 W. Amelia Street (near to where the old Amway Arena was located).

This protection is needed not only to provide school employees the security of knowing that their personal life will not be considered in performing their duties in the school system, but also to provide an example to students that people should be judged on the job they do and not their sexual orientation of gender identity.  Such protections allow the teachers and support staff to concentrate on matters at hand – educating our youth – and not having to look over their shoulder as to how their personal lives will be perceived.

UPDATE: Equality Florida has created an online system (click here to access!) to help you contact your officials, and to get the word out to your friends! Please share and spread the word as quickly as possible!

Of course, whenever we are concentrating on matters of equality, John Stemburger and the hate group Florida Family Policy Counsel raise their ugly voices in opposition.  This is the same group who brought you Amendment 2 back in 2008 and has vigorously opposed issues such as gay adoption and other matters of equality in the past.  They recently posted a notice to take action to their supporters:  Here is a sample of the lies and misinformation they have published:


“The Orange County School Board will attempt to ramrod a vote this Tuesday night Dec 11 on a dangerous and simply outrageous proposal creating special rights for homosexuals, transsexuals and others “protecting” “gender identity and expression” which will affect both public school students, teachers and all school employees.  The matter is being aggressively but almost secretly being pushed through by Chairman Bill Sublette without parents or teachers being given an opportunity to weigh in.

Click on the link below and email Orange County School Board members and tell them to “VOTE NO on the student and faculty gender identity and expression proposals”. After e-mailing them also call the members and leave messages about your opposition to these dangerous proposed rule changes.”

As you can see, John and his hate group are again misstating facts in order to try and confuse the public.  WE CANNOT LET THEM GET AWAY WITH THEIR LIES AND DECEITFUL STATEMENTS AGAIN AFTER AMENDMENT 2.

We need a CALL FOR ACTION by the LGBT Community and our allies.  Please call and or email the following members of the school board listed below and emphasize the need for teachers and staff to receive equitable treatment.  It is NOT special treatment – we are only asking that OCPS employees who are members of the LGBT Community have the same protections against termination or other employment issues as any other employee.

Please contact the Board Chairman and members to express the need to update the nondiscrimination policy for OCPS.  Besides bringing the school system in line with both the City of Orlando and the Orange County Commission, this action will help to recruit quality employees to the system.

Call and/or email :

Bill Sublette (Chairman )– 407-426-8551    William.Sublette@ocps.net
District 1 Joie Cadle – cell 407-376-0191    joie.cadle@ocps.net
District 2 Daryl Flynn — 407-317-3236    daryl.flynn@ocps.net
District 3 Rick Roach – 407-317-3236     rick.roach@ocps.net
District 4 Pam Gould – 407-317-3236      pamela.gould@ocps.net
District 5 Kathleen Gordon – 407-716-6861      kathleen.gordon@ocps.net
District 6 Nancy Robbinson – cell 407-310-9194        nancy.robbinson@ocps.net

District 7 Christine Moore * – 407-317-3236         christine.moore1@ocps.net

* Moore has publically expressed her opposition ….let her know why she needs to change.

To learn the name of your district’s Board member, go to:


PLEASE contact these members as soon as possible.  Again the hearing will be Tuesday, December 11th at 5:30 PM….The anti-gay hate group is already planning on filling the chambers with their supporters, asking them to wear blue….Please try to attend and wear red.  We do ask that you try to arrive by at least 4:30 PM to guarantee our supporters will have seats for the meeting.

UPDATE: Equality Florida has created an online system (click here to access!) to help you contact your officials, and to get the word out to your friends! Please share and spread the word as quickly as possible!


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